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A secure, seamless email experience across your devices, saving you time and money



Help your employees be more productive with the most up-to-date and secure business-class email solution from Heritage

Email is one of the most used forms of business communication, which also makes it one of your biggest cyberattack vulnerabilities, especially for dental practices, which handle sensitive, valuable information and communicates with on-the-go patients and staff. This means your email server must be reliable, agile and secure. Otherwise, your dental practice faces high-security risks, lower productivity and less satisfied patients.

Heritage can keep your practice safe, compliant and efficient with our Microsoft 365 email solution. We’ll host and maintain your email platform in the cloud and provide best-in-class security features to protect your inboxes and outgoing information. With secure, remotely accessible email, your employees will be more productive, your practice more compliant and your patient information more secure.

Start making your communications safer and more efficient today with our:

  • Anti-malware filters, advanced encryption and email backups to protect your inboxes and outgoing information
  • Custom sending and retention policies for data leakage prevention, archiving and eDiscovery to easily meet regulatory requirements
  • Scalable, unlimited cloud storage as your practice grows
  • Automatic patching and updates for effortless maintenance and maximum security
  • Swift, seamless integration that works with your current systems and information and allows for easy upgrades

HIPAA Compliance

Avoid costly penalties with our HIPAA experts who deliver and maintain the solutions that keep you compliant with stringent, evolving regulations

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Complete Care for Dental Practices

Best-in-class hardware and software customized to your practice and maintained by our experts to keep you efficient and compliant

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Automatic backups and contingency plans so your digital assets are safe and accessible and your practice is compliant

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Managed Services

Fully managed business-class solutions and fast, 24/7 support, all for an affordable monthly fee, keeping productivity high and costs low

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