Communications Solutions in Chicago

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Communication is the key. Every organization and business today thrives on exchanging information. Being able to effectively access, utilize and share that information is what sets the winners apart.

With information constantly being exchanged between employees, customers and other businesses, speed, reliability and clarity is crucial. Along with this, effective cost management of communication services are key to any successful business.

Heritage can help evaluate all your communication requirements and provide a single cost-effective plan to minimize your expenses. From local and long-distance services to data and Internet services, we have all your voice and data needs covered.

We offer a full suite of voice, phone and data solutions. By not being dedicated to a specific brand or provider, we can review your current plans and offer you the best package or multi-vendor solution for your business needs.

Types of Communication Solutions

  • Voice over Internet (VoIP)
  • Wireless
  • Net phones
  • Mobile solutions
  • Video conferencing
  • Remote access
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Headsets
  • Voice mail systems
  • Unified messaging
  • Local & long distance

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