Mission & Vision

HTS Mission Statement

HTS specializes in the convergence of the four key pillars of technology - the integration of IT, security, communications and print solutions - giving our clients one complete source and a trusted business partner for all their needs. Our mission, for over 30 years, is to learn and understand our customer's unique needs and goals - so we can effectively match the latest innovative technology solutions, while providing the highest level of quality service, best in class support and customer satisfaction - to help them succeed and grow.

HTS Vision Statement

Our vision is to be more than a technology provider - by becoming a trusted advisor and a best-in-class professional service organization that our clients want to work with and our staff wants to work for. We will accomplish this by being a team committed to excellence - that is constantly improving our service delivery, continuing education for our staff, representing the right technology solutions and always striving for the highest level of quality control.

HTS USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

What makes HTS unique is that we have more experience in the core areas of technology than any other provider in the Chicago area. By bringing the core technologies of IT, security, telecom and print – together under one roof, we can offer you a full-service business information system that will be tailored to meet your company’s needs both today and tomorrow.

NOBODY in the Chicago area does ALL that we do, as WELL as we do it, for as LONG as we have been doing it.

Webster defines Heritage

Traditions, practices and valued qualities passed down from preceding generations - legacy

Our real value has never been about the technology or products that we offer – in reality, everyone else is selling the same “stuff” that we are. It’s always been about our people - and the level of service we provide. As the name implies - we have built up quite a “legacy” and “tradition” of great people here at HTS.