Data Backup Solutions for Dental Practices

Guaranteed backups and clear, swift plans to keep your practice running through any downtime event


Would you like to ensure the integrity of your data, availability of your operations and compliance of your practice without lifting a finger?

From insurance claims to medical records to accounting, the success of your practice depends on the security and availability of your data. Unfortunately, data loss from natural disasters, cyberattacks and other incidents is becoming increasingly common and unpredictable. But Heritage can keep your practice safe and compliant without going over budget, with our fully managed data backup and disaster recovery solution.

Based on the unique operations and needs of your dental practice, we provide reliable, hybrid (off-site and on-site) backups of not only your data, but your entire IT infrastructure. So no matter what technology you’re using or where you’re located, you can quickly access the latest versions of your digital assets and get back to caring for your patients no matter when or what disaster strikes.

We’ve been protecting dental practice data and operations for years with:

  • Geo-redundant, real-time backups and 24/7 monitoring for complete security and immediate data corruption repairs
  • Routine updates and upgrades to your backup hardware and software, ensuring your backups are impenetrable
  • Complete data encryption at rest and in transmission to meet HIPAA standards and best security practices
  • Image-based backups to easily restore your data, systems and software
  • Virtual cloud server capability can be added to help keep your office running if your server is ever incapacitated
  • Flexible cross-platform solution that supports any operating system on physical or virtual servers
  • Peace of mind so you can forget about data breaches and compliance worries and focus on patients

HIPAA Compliance

Avoid costly penalties with our HIPAA experts who deliver and maintain the solutions that keep you compliant with stringent, evolving regulations

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Complete Care for Dental Practices

Best-in-class hardware and software customized to your practice and maintained by our experts to keep you efficient and compliant

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Managed Services

Fully managed business-class solutions and fast, 24/7 support, all for an affordable monthly fee, keeping productivity high and costs low

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Email Hosting & Encryption

Get more out of your emailing while protecting your biggest attack vector with the world’s leading email platform and protections at budget-friendly prices

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