Truly love our Ubiquiti wireless system Heritage put in for us! Never have to worry because it's rock solid. Gives me a ton of control over what is going on and notifies me of potential problems before they become bigger issues. Highly recommend!

Elmwood Library

They really understand the needs of local government IT operations

Your guys are great, they are so efficient, we barely notice they are here, but everything gets done. HTS helped to get our network operations in order! Their managed services and support are outstanding. They really understand the needs of local government IT operations.

Village Manager
Village of Glenwood

I like all your techs and response time is great

Usually when I walk in to a new library, I have to worry about IT, I didn’t have to do that here and it allowed me the time to expand the programs at the library

After looking at our budget and staffing, I realize how much more expensive it would be to hire someone internally that does what HTS does, especially when you factor in benefits.”

Morris Library – Director

Extremely happy with your service. You can use me as a reference anytime! I love working with your techs. Glad we signed with you!”

IT Director
Crete Public Library

We were all really happy

We were showing it to the management team and we were all really happy. I can see us adding some more and converting some of the analog device locations to digital at later point in the year. Pretty excited! Thanks to all involved, great job!

Accord Carton

I am so pleased that Palos Sports has Heritage for our IT needs. The level of support and knowledge we have had from previous companies doesn’t even come close to the outstanding support we receive from Heritage. And as the office manager – and someone who really does not understand the ins and out of IT – I really appreciate Heritage!!! Your staff is extremely professional and what is most important is the fact that I know they are watching over our network and I trust in what they are doing. We know that our network is in very good hands with Heritage.

Office Manager

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help with the issue we were having with the Amazon Seller Central website. You all worked very diligently to resolve the problem. I appreciate your help and especially your constant attention to our network. I know I can always rely on your expertise to help with any issues and you always respond in a very timely fashion!

Office Manager

Heritage was diligent gathering the information needed to perform a quick and successful switch over from our old phone system. It was a seamless transition for myself and my users.

I am happy that we made the choice to use Heritage Technology and go with our new AllWorx phone system.

Director of I.T. and Communications
Walsh & Kelly, Inc.

HTS support is second to none! They go above and beyond the call with our network support needs!

Office Manager
Gurtler Industries

In the past, I have worked with your competitors. They have a technical staff, but your technical staff also focuses on customer service, while others companies techs don’t. I have come to expect a lot from you, and am rarely disappointed

Morris Library – Director